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ROMAD Analyzer

ROMAD Analyzer is designed to catch Windows user-mode rootkits. It works on Windows 7, 8, 10. We have put many efforts to make it as low false positives prone as possible. If ROMAD Analyzer tells you have a hidden or injected module on your OS, you may be pretty sure about it

Product features

Module properties

Module properties

For each module in the system we know its state: normal, hidden (not present in PEB) or injected. This is a very common technique for the "man-in-the-browser" attacks

Deep hooks analysis

Deep hooks analysis

We detect IAT/EAT/inline hooks and unroll them up to their endpoints. We will not bother you with the trivial nop/int3 padding or something like .extjmp/gs-cookie false positives

Realtime analysis


ROMAD Analyzer is designed to be fast. ROMAD Analyzer runs at the background for OS monitoring in real time with the negligible performance overhead

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