Before the threat exists.

We eradicate malware.

ROMAD TrueProactive™ Endpoint Defense

ROMAD TrueProactive™ Endpoint Defense

Our patented technology delivers unprecedented threat detection and response capability at scale and with minimal overhead. Go beyond commodity anti-virus and anti-malware capability. Let ROMAD show you how TrueProactive™ Threat Defense takes the fight to the enemy. Stop chasing. Start eradicating.™

Stop chasing. Start Eradicating.™

The world has fought the battle against the malware epidemic – and it has lost. New threats emerge daily in the hundreds of thousands, with no end in sight. While clients are still advised to build deeper moats and taller walls around their castles, the users are findings themselves outside the city walls more often than not. The endpoint is where we make our stand. It’s time to fight and win – with ROMAD.

Machine Learning

Deep learning artificial neural networks. Advanced threat profiling. Malware genome sequencing. ROMAD is built from the ground up with the advanced capabilities required to fight and win against modern malware. Smart. Reliable. Patented.

Robust Protection

Evasion techniques, packers, encryptors, code obfuscators, and other dirty tricks keep your typical anti-malware solutions guessing – and missing. ROMAD sees through all the tricks and focuses on what matters – attempted malicious action, stopping it before compromise occurs.

Resilient Defense

Our unique TrueProactive™ Threat Defense technology provides sustained long-term coverage to distributed endpoints. Stop worrying about constant signature updates. ROMAD has you covered against emerging threats before they are even created.

ROMAD: Protection against future threats.

Romad Cyber Systems
SOHO. SMB. Enterprise. Local. Global. Remote. We have your endpoints covered, no matter where you find them – or yourself. Defending the last bastion against advanced threats.
Romad Cyber Systems
You've embraced the cloud for convenience and scalability. Now defend your cloud instances with ROMAD. The only real solution against future threats.
Romad Cyber Systems
Worry not about the billions of connected IoT devices soon coming to knock on your door. Sustainable protection for - and against - field deployed smart devices. ROMAD delivers.
Romad Cyber Systems
ICS and SCADA systems are increasingly under attack. Sustainable protection against threats in isolated industrial environments? ROMAD answers the call.
Romad Cyber Systems
Take the fight to cybercriminals. Deny bad guys the opportunity to monetize their wares. With ROMAD, new malware is dead on arrival. Before it has a chance to strike.
Romad Cyber Systems
ROMAD – Robust Malware Detector. It’s the name of our invention, and the name of our US Patent 9,372,989. Preventing malware execution on your endpoint, before the threat even exists.
About us

About us

ROMAD was built for one purpose: to eradicate the global malware epidemic. We set out to find a better way to deal with the root cause, rather than mere symptoms of the problem. We call it ROMAD – Robust Malware Detector. Our patented technology allows ROMAD to reliably and sustainably profile entire malware families, instead of endlessly chasing after the latest variants to sample. This unique capability enables us to detect emerging threats before they exist. Ahead of the threat. Before the compromise. Turning 0-day into just an ordinary day. ROMAD makes it possible. Request a demo
“The battle is being waged at the endpoint, not at the boundary.” – Curtis W. Dukes, Director, Information Assurance Division, NSA
“We must work to raise the cost to the adversary.” – James Trainor, Jr., Assistant Director, Cyber Division, FBI
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